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    Delivering insights, transforming processes, improving experiences end-to-end.

    Building a Future-ready Smart Water Infrastructure

    With the choices you make today set to define your smart water operations for decades to come, this first paper in our Smart Water series explores the risks and challenges facing the sector, and offers an experienced perspective on how to choose the right long-term partner for your business.

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    Imagine a world where your water meter is constantly talking – telling you exactly where the leaks are, uncovering savings, informing investment decisions and helping you delight customers. Stop imagining. Make it real with Arqiva’s smart water metering network.

    Demonstrating Value

    From accurate billing and the rapid identification of leaks, to supporting demand management and behavioural change programmes, Arqiva’s FlexNet Smart Water Network is the catalyst for transformation today and new opportunities tomorrow. Explore your business outcomes here.

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    Arqiva’s FlexNet
    Smart Water Network

    From uncontested connectivity to customer analytics,
    Arqiva enables your digital transformation.

    In today’s cost-sensitive, target-driven industry, it’s the insights that count. Like using meter data to understand and reduce consumption, to change behaviours or demonstrate improvements. Or going beyond detection to quantify the size of the leak and the potential bill impact on the customer, and on your business.

    More than ever before the water industry is driven by intelligence; in operations, customer experience and future planning. That requires a dedicated and field-proven smart water network at the heart of your business. Arqiva, in association with Sensus’ smart metering solutions, is providing an end-to-end service for water utilities across the UK.

    Driving Transformation

    FlexNet future-proofs transformation across your business, end-to-end. Unlike other utility communications networks, Arqiva’s private dedicated 412MHz radio spectrum delivers connectivity in hard-to-reach locations. It’s uncontested and able to deliver the guaranteed service levels and visibility you need to identify leaks, abnormalities and consumption levels.

    But we don’t stop there. Arqiva offers true end-to-end service management, from network and end-point service management to actionable data to support the detailed analytics and predictive modelling to power business decisions.

    The FlexNet Smart Water Advantage

    For water utilities

    • Improve operational efficiency and conserve resources
    • Ensure reliable performance through use of dedicated, private radio spectrum
    • Easy integration with current systems, with agnostic end-points offering meter choice
    • Reduce maintenance with end-point and meter batteries warranted up to 15 years
    • Rapidly scales to support future information requirements and new near real-time applications

    For your customers

    • Ensure accurate bills to increase operational efficiency
    • Help customers understand usage to drive increased sustainability
    • Provide accurate and informed customer service
    • Deliver service improvements to enhance brand and customer satisfaction
    • Build a multi-application network to add new services and solutions

    Anglian Water Case Study

    As a water company with both eyes on the future, Anglian Water sees smart water metering as a foundational part of its vision. Since embarking on a multi-location 3-year trial with Arqiva, it has reduced leakage by the 108,000 litres/day in Newmarket and achieved much more besides.

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    Future Thinking in the Smart Water Sector Whitepaper

    Still in its early stages, but there’s a big future for the smart water sector. As we move from metering and monitoring to control and beyond, its real-world impact and strategic business value will rapidly accelerate. Our latest whitepaper takes you on this exciting journey into tomorrow.

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    The Art of the Possible

    There’s a lot more to transformation than achieving shorter term targets. Smart Water Networks are the catalyst for improved operational processes, new business models, rising levels of customer satisfaction and a new generation of innovative, revenue generating services. Here we take a look at the exiting opportunities on the horizon.

    Smart approach to improvement

    Uncover the trends and issues driving operational improvements and cost reduction making waves in today’s smart water sector.


    Insight-driven customer experience

    Explore an exciting future where data analytics is changing user behaviours, redefining customer engagement and improving experiences.


    Building new business models

    Open the door to new data-driven business models – from insurance partnerships to a wide range of monitoring and safety applications.


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