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Arqiva is helping water utilities deliver against their AMP cycle plans – providing an uninterrupted supply of insights to address customer needs, demonstrate success to regulation authorities and accelerate digital transformation. As a UK critical national infrastructure provider, and having deployed the largest smart water network in the world, you can trust Arqiva to support your data-driven evolution.

Smart Water 2021: Debating the future

With AMP 7 promising to be the ‘smartest’ cycle yet, the right communications network is essential to the delivery of analytics-ready data. With multiple technologies and approaches, UK water companies and experts discuss the options.

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Today’s challenges

Climate change is threatening the long-term resilience of the UK’s water networks, while OFWAT’s requirements to increase public confidence and affordability are driving near-term change. The race is on to deploy smart communications infrastructure to monitor water quality, target leaks, change consumption behaviours and deliver the insights to streamline operations today and plan for tomorrow.

Drive your transformation
with a smart water network

Respond to regulatory

Change consumption

Reduce customer
supply-side leakage

Enhance customer

Improve C-SAT

Reduce financial

Future proof your smart water infrastructure

With water companies accelerating adoption and deployment of smart water networks, we offer an experienced industry perspective of the key risks & commercial challenges facing the sector.

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How does Arqiva help?

Arqiva is a data communication specialist – bringing smart water meters, communications networks, and data management and analytics together in a single, end-to-end managed service.

Proven at scale in the world’s largest smart water deployment, our device-agnostic networks are purpose-built for water customers. A dedicated 412MHz radio spectrum delivers connectivity in hard-to-reach locations. And because you don’t have to share your private network, you get the critical meter data you need with levels of reliability and security that are unachievable by others.

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See what happens when
things get smart

Because it’s the outcomes that matter, Youtuber Matt explores the business and customer outcomes of today’s data-driven water networks.

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Which are smarter – Automated Meter Readers (AMR) or Advanced Meter Infrastructures (AMI)? Matt investigates the water company benefits.

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Insights on tap

Smart water networks are the catalyst for improved operational processes, new business models, rising levels of customer satisfaction and much more. Read the latest market insights.

Smart approach to improvement

Uncover the trends and issues driving operational improvements and cost reduction making waves in today’s smart water sector.

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Insight-driven customer experience

Explore an exciting future where data analytics is changing user behaviours, redefining customer engagement and improving experiences.

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Building new business models

Open the door to new data-driven business models – from insurance partnerships to a wide range of monitoring and safety applications.

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Three steps to a smarter future

The smart water journey can be split into three distinct stages – metering, monitoring and control. See how to simplify your journey.

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What to do customers think?

Tackling leaks and changing customer behaviour for Anglian Water

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Title for Thames case study when available

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